Trust Us to Take Care of Your Trees

Rid your trees of pest and disease

Are the trees in your yard infested by insects or infected with a disease? Although most problems are minor, some severe cases can cause significant damage to your trees, which puts your home and property at risk. To make sure your trees are bug- and disease-free, talk to the experts at Country Club Tree Service, Inc today.

We offer top-notch disease and insect control services to commercial and residential property owners throughout the area. If there is something wrong with your trees, you can trust us to find and resolve the issue fast.

There is no better time than now to schedule a tree inspection. Call (816) 333-7220 now to discuss your concerns with a local tree care technician.

Insect Control Kansas City, MO

Why choose Country Club Tree Service?

Keeping your trees healthy is our top priority at Country Club Tree Service. When issues arise with your trees, you can trust us to nurse them back to full strength. We do this by:

  • Providing treatments on a tree-by-tree basis to make sure your tree gets the specific help it needs
  • Utilizing powerful sprays and treatments that are tough on bugs and disease but gentle on your trees and yard
  • Working hard until your trees are green and healthy again

Our certified arborist is trained to treat trees of all types. Reach out to us today to speak with us about your tree care needs.